The Oil Painter’s Guide

The following is a log of a painting I already had in progress but wanted you to be a part of. Before I start I’m going to elaborate a little bit and provide contextual information. During the creation of this piece the world has been grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, Oregon has had devastating wildfires that destroyed entire towns and threatened the Portland metro area, politics were even more crazy than usual, then there were the holidays, the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol, an ice storm in Portland… and these are just the highlights. Life goes on regardless of what we are doing, the true test of our character is how we, as individuals and as a community, respond to it. … More The Oil Painter’s Guide

9 Important Things to Know Before Committing to an Art Show

After several years of marketing exclusively through galleries and a website I decided to look into art shows. This decision was primarily because I was a single mom and the galleries’ high commissions made it difficult to make a living. About the same time a dear friend of mine who worked in bronze was contemplating it as well. We decided to venture into art shows together. … More 9 Important Things to Know Before Committing to an Art Show

Sales 101: Pricing & Marketing Your Artwork

When you have a small body of work, three to five pieces, it’s time to promote your business. Just as you were disciplined in producing your work, you must be disciplined in marketing. Whether painting or promoting always present your very best. Starting with the originals you choose to every statement on your website. Organize your schedule from times of creativity to those of promotion. You should address several questions… … More Sales 101: Pricing & Marketing Your Artwork

How to Create the Perfect Pallet – Mixing Colors

I use a very tight palette and never vary from it. It consists of Grumbacher’s Thio Violet, Thalo Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium, and Permalba White. Permalba White, in my opinion, is the best white on the market. You should choose the colors that reflect you. I mix all of my colors from these, creating a tight family of color. By using this process not only will your colors work well together, you’ll gain color insight, it will also save you a great deal of money… … More How to Create the Perfect Pallet – Mixing Colors

Step One – What To Do Before You Paint

The initial drawing should only be the essentials of the painting. You’re looking for the correct placement, size and balance of objects – nothing more. You should establish the vanishing point, visualize maximizing the depth perspective, light source, time of day, weather, background, foreground, your color palette, and texture… … More Step One – What To Do Before You Paint