Pursuit of the Dappled Mare


The water runs red in this Colorado Rocky Mountain stream inviting the excitement the two stallions have over the Pursuit of the Dappled Mare.  Yet something has caught her eye of more importance as she hesitates.  May we never be so caught-up in the immediate that we miss what’s just beyond.

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Joanna Nobell's artwork is more than simply portraying beauty, it is about the emotion it instills within every person who looks at it. Her love of horses and nature inform her pieces and she focuses on the use of light to propel her images forward.

Joanna's paintings have been widely exhibited in galleries, art shows, and equestrian shows across the United States. She has developed an extensive clientele throughout the west and has focused on commission work over the past 20 years.

This listing is for "Pursuit of the Dappled Mare", an original oil painting on canvas by fine artist Joanna Nobell.

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