Commodore Limited Edition Print

Bring the beauty of horses into your home with these limited edition prints by Joanna Nobell. Artwork was created exclusively for horse lovers.

  • Limited edition print on canvas.
  • Signed and numbered by Joanna Nobell.
  • All limited edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity.

More Commodore Limited Edition Print


Quiet waters lap the rocks, such is the gaze south of Harris Beach toward Brookings, Oregon.  The coastline both north and south is breath taking.  From small beaches, to staggering cliffs and deep dark forest that meet the beach – it is a touch of heaven. … More Brookings

The Rockies

The storm is building as the three horses gallop through the snow, not for fear of the impending storm but for the exuberance of it.  They challenge their environment and playfully mock the great Rocky Mountains. … More The Rockies


The clouds are breaking, waves leaping then gently meeting the shore this refined beauty hesitates in mid stride.  Her spirit is gentle and of Simplicity.  Likewise the colours are soft, conveying a peaceful attitude soothing your soul. … More Simplicity

Shadow of Gold

Shadow of Gold draws you in with warm colours of the sun as it sinks, casting the country into gold.  You can almost feel the heat of the horses bodies.  Then one notices something, he slows, focuses and flares his nostrils.  His eyes aren’t wild but soft and gentle.  Will he bolt or come closer? … More Shadow of Gold