Key Questions to Ask: Work Sites and Mediums

After discovering your specialty you need to ask yourself other questions relating to where you prefer to work and what type of materials you enjoy creating with (read more about finding your specialty).

Your work location is a major consideration.  Will you work in a studio, on site, or a combination of both?  Personally, I prefer to work in the studio because it allows me to have control over everything.  My work generally takes weeks, if not months from start to finish, so working on location for the duration of that period is impractical. However, if you can finish a piece of art in an afternoon, then working on site might be a great option for you! It’s also hard for me to concentrate on location and I love the solitude of the studio.  However, many times I’ve had to work at an equestrian event due to scheduling deadlines.  This wasn’t by choice, but because of necessity.   I did find it enjoyable and a healthy change of pace for a brief period.  Many artists strongly prefer working on site and would have it no other way.  Whichever environment is comfortable for you is where you should be.  

The next consideration is medium.  A key question that you must consider is: Which medium will best convey your vision?  One should be adventurous and experiment with different mediums when the opportunity presents itself.  All mediums have a perfect flavor of their own.  A mentor once said to me that something should change within an artist’s work every year. Maybe this is the year to try a different medium!

Most importantly, choose work spaces and mediums that bring you joy. That enthusiasm will be conveyed in the work you produce.

The joy of discovery and learning is a life-time pursuit.

Joanna Nobell

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