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Nobell Studio features the original artwork of Joanna Nobell. We work to build a world of justice & beauty by capturing dreams and transforming them into a creation that enlightens, enriches, encourages, and educates humanity.

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The Oil Painter’s Guide

The following is a log of a painting I already had in progress but wanted you to be a part of. Before I start I’m going to elaborate a little bit and provide contextual information. During the creation of this piece the world has been grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, Oregon has had devastating wildfires that…

9 Important Things to Know Before Committing to an Art Show

After several years of marketing exclusively through galleries and a website I decided to look into art shows. This decision was primarily because I was a single mom and the galleries’ high commissions made it difficult to make a living. About the same time a dear friend of mine who worked in bronze was contemplating…

7 Critical Questions to Ask Galleries Before Handing Over Your Art

Part of the process of selling your artwork is finding and working with galleries. When you’re ready to approach galleries you should have a good representation of your work. I would suggest at least three to five pieces. When considering galleries it’s critically important to do your research. Look at their product line, will your…

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